About me, and this blog.

Photography, for better or worse, has become ingrained as a persistent and annoying aspect of my everyday life.

This blog is partly a study of different photographers who I feel have strongly influenced the genre, and partly a chronicling of my own projects and experiments. Comments are welcome.

If you have questions or ideas, feel free to drop me a line at robinclam@gmail.com.

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my photo blog: rclam.blogspot.com


4 Responses to “About me, and this blog.”

  1. Dear Robin, yes, it does ramble a bit, but I catch your drift. I also wandered off to those other links that are generated automatically. not certain if that is a good thing, you might want to check the box that keeps them off. I like the tone of your written work. Mainly I would like to see more of your work done outside of the assignments. The wedding images are great, but what is going on now? Get that camera up and running.

    good links for Photographers.

  2. I am glad you added some more images , but I am looking for more of your sense of fantasy than the stark reality of your portraits, as good as they are. Your open writing style is very inviting. I hope you continue to muse on about the medium as you grown and develop your own vision.

  3. thank you for your support

    edward olive
    international destination wedding photographer

  4. I saw on your page one of the best photos of the world: Koeudelka: Angel on the bike, Olmütz (Olomouc, 1968). Grat.! I think, I believe, , too!

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