london snaps.

London doorways and housefronts are so interesting to me for some reason, I'll have to try and take more photos of them. This also oddly makes me want to watch Love Actually.

Somehow I’ve gotten sick. The whole of 2009 I was hardly ill at all; even when swine flu rampaged in Berkeley and seasonal colds afflicted most of the student population, I was just fine. And of course when I’m finally in London, the long-awaited trip, I get some kind of horrible sick where my muscles ache,  throat and head hurt, and can’t really talk. I blame part of this on jet lag (which made me wake up at 4am this morning. I couldn’t fall back asleep so I read a British magazine ate grapes and pita brea), and part of it on my mother who was sick when I left. And I suppose we can’t forget the germ-ridden airplanes, and the stuffy tube carriages also filled with sick people… In any case, I feel too lethargic to do much writing today, so I’ll just post some photos from day 2 + 3 up for your viewing pleasure and to hopefully tantalize you into checking up again tomorrow when I’ll have written some more.

I'd imagine that there are flowery vines and such that grow on this overpass during the spring. Right now it's just a little sad and forlorn looking. How the grass is still green I can't imagine.

Notebooks and sketchbooks filled with scribbling and drawings, so much more interesting than the final product (unfortunately) sometimes.

Peeling paint off old walls.

This reminds me of the Chinese Black Forest cakes that we have in socal, my favorite combination of chocolate and mixed berries. The patisserie employees didn't enjoy my paparazzi so much.


~ by robinlam on January 12, 2010.

One Response to “london snaps.”

  1. ooh i like the picture of the street, the blue doors are a nice touch. it reminds me of the scene where Colin Firth drops off christmas presents and the kids say “I hate Uncle Jamie!”, lol

    anyway, hope you’re feeling better. that black forest cake looks yaum, remember to eat well and drink lots of water. miss you

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