The white cloth isn’t actually a veil, but more like a large piece of chiffon that I had brought along with me for this shoot. The background wall is actually a part of the Berkeley Art Museum; I like it because of its strange and rough texture—the holes in the wall seem like they were left by bullets.

I’ve always thought that veils were items of clothing that allowed one to be beautiful and mysterious, like masks at a masquerade ball that simultaneously disguised and intensified its wearer. Seductive Middle-Eastern dancers, British aristocracy, young brides, mourners, and Muslim women all wear some form of a veil, though for vastly differing purposes. Yet it is undeniable that veils can also act as barriers, cages perhaps, that women are sealed behind. It is hard to say which was the original purpose.


Will perhaps post more later.


~ by robinlam on November 30, 2009.

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