(once again, click on the images to view them larger and see them in better color. I don’t know why they come out somewhat desaturated when viewed as is…)

Here’s a selection of portraits taken on one of those strange days in Berkeley when it’s sunny but there’s a slight chill out, and the air seems to have this beautiful and calm flatness to it. These were taken the day right after daylight savings began, and the sunset was diffused rather than intense.

ezra portrait1

ezra portrait 3

ezra 3

The above image almost doesn’t seem like it would’ve been taken at Berkeley, we hardly see such a vibrant blue sky. By the way, these images haven’t really been touched up too much color-wise—it is what is is.

These photos were taken on Ezra’s roof, a really great place for sitting around and doing nothing—my favorite activity.

ezra 5

ezra portrait 2


~ by robinlam on November 6, 2009.

2 Responses to “ezra”

  1. love the goldeny tones here
    you really know how to find light
    congrats 😀

  2. I really enjoyed all the portraits. You’re right to suggest clicking them to enlarge. thanks for sharing.

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