Richard Avedon

Following up on that quote in the post before, I thought I’d post up some pictures from Avedon. He was famous as a fashion photographer–this Marilyn Monroe picture below was one that was especially famous for its raw quality that captured Monroe as an insecure and vulnerable girl, which she was. His collection In the American West was also an acclaimed piece of work, which I’ll go into more detail in a later post. In any case, enjoy.



Um. Yes, this is a great photo, but really? Snakes? How much was this model paid to pose naked with a snake…


Another iconic Avedon photo. The juxtaposition of the beautiful, beautiful evening gown with the coarse, dry elephant skin really makes the dress pop out. In addition to Avedon’s skill for capturing the moment, I think the elegance of the photo was really brought out by the model herself. Her elongated body lines are further emphasized by the stoutness of the animals’ limbs. The flowing line of the white train mimics the curve of the elephant’s snout, and the elephants’ feet are in direction opposition to the woman’s shoe. If America’s Next Top Model had women like this, the show would definitely be much, much more exciting.

Below is my one of my favorite photographs from In the American West. The man in the photo was a cattle herder or something in that vein. Notice the cigarette box tucked into his pants. It’s interesting how posture, the curved back, hunched shoulders, jutting hips, and tucked hand position are all techniques that models use, and that seem to be natural to this man. To me, Avedon’s greatest strength lies in his ability to capture intensity in the eyes of the subject. This man, origins, history, family unknown, is has a sinuously seductive look in the photograph that is just amazing to see in person.



Bob Dylan. In Central Park, y’all.


And the man, Avedon himself. Looking a little insecure and “vain,” as Janet would say.


~ by robinlam on October 31, 2009.

2 Responses to “Richard Avedon”

  1. actually, the photo of Dylan was taken in Central Park. the more you know *cue shooting star*

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